Help us Celebrate our 20th Year

June 19, 2021

1:00 PMCorn Hole Tournament
Mini Rod / Mini Truck Pulls
5:00 PMKiddie Tractor Pulls
7:00 – 11:30PMMusic by Rebel Grace
9:00PMSpectacular Fireworks Show

Corn Hole Rules

  • Teams of 2 People
  • Yes, there is Double Elimination
  • Flip a coin to see who starts. Last team to score goes first next round.
  • Basic rules: 3pts in the hole, 1 point on the board. Keep score by cancelling each other out. (Example: your team scores 5 pts other team scores 3 its, your team would get 2 points that round.)
  • First team to 21 or more wins!
  • Have Fun!

** Food and Beverages on Grounds **
(No Carry-ins Allowed)


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